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Wpify was started with a vision to create the best Managed solution for WordPress websites. Like others who deal in only development or hosting, we want to offer both of them in one place.

We now also provide completely managed standalone eCommerce websites to artisans, designers and small businesses who want to begin their digital journey.

We're a part of your dream.

A differentiating point from us and other companies and agencies is that we just don’t listen to your needs and give you a solution, but we also try to give you suggestions on how your website can be improved for better conversions. In short, we want to say that we don’t only want to make a website for you but want to be a part of you in achieving your dream.

Web Development for various requirements like Blogs, Business websites, eLearning and eCommerce websites has become much easier than ever, users who have little or no coding knowledge can also make decent looking websites for themselves without writing a single line of code using WordPress themes and page builders.

Although this seems to be a nice option where users can work on their website’s themselves but WordPress still is not THAT easy to manage without having tech knowledge.

That is why we want to offer an ALL-IN-ONE solution for all your WordPress needs. From Development to Managed WordPress Hosting. 

Wpify provides premium managed WordPress hosting for everyone, small or large, starting at Rs 480 ($7) /month

Business activity


To provide an ALL-IN-ONE managed WordPress which includes web development using WordPress along with Managed Hosting. 

Whether you want to start a small blog or a big eCommerce website, we have the best solution for all of your needs. We develop WordPress and Woocommerce websites with the best development practices and top it up with our Managed WordPress hosting solution. 

Right now, newbies would have to buy a good managed hosting from one company and web development services from another. And we want to change this.


At Wpify, our mission is to take the online world to the next level using WordPress. We want to make things simple and allow people to focus on their business, blog or getting sales for their eCommerce website instead of spending time on managing their hosting account and making websites which would cause more harm in the future.

Our goal is to achieve most of our web development projects through referrals because a happy customer is going to refer us to many more people who require a website. 

Also we are so confident of our premium Managed WordPress Hosting solution that whoever hosts a WordPress website with us, would stay with us, always. 

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