Managed WordPress Hosting

At Wpify, we want you to focus on your blog or scaling your business website. We’ll take care of the rest.

Our servers are highly optimized for WordPress and we do not dump hundreds and thousands of users on a single server which is the case with shared hosting.

Each website that we host for you has its own dedicated resources and is not affected with any other website. Many of our users have decreased their load times by up to 70% by simply migrating their website to us.

AWS & OVH Servers

Your website will load faster for your viewers when the server location is closer to them. We have strategically chosen our server locations which are across 6 locations worldwide.


Free Premium CDN

Improve your website speed by 70% on average with our caching options and global content delivery network (CDN) provided by BunnyCDN. The CDN runs on a globally distributed Anycast network.

Refresh Globe and server

Daily Backups

We offer free daily backups on all of our plans, which is stored on a remote server. In case of a plugin conflict or theme update issue, you can simply restore your website with a click.


Security Audits

Our team does a daily security scan for bad/broken plugin’s & malicious php script execution along with weekly malware scans. This highly reduces the chances of your WordPress website getting attacked by hackers.

Free SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

We take the security of websites hosted with us very seriously. Along with free SSL powered by Lets Encrypt we also offer integrations of 3rd party SSL certificates. DDoS protection & hardware firewalls is an added advantage!

Database Security

Managed Updates

A major cause of WordPress websites crashing / getting hacked is the usage of old Themes & Plugins. We offer Managed manual updates for your websites WordPress version, Plugins, Themes along with latest PHP 7.4 version.


Content Optimization via Cloudflare Railgun ( addon )

Railgun makes sure that the connection between the Cloudflare network and your origin server is as fast as possible. It is available to clients with Cloudflare Business or Enterprise plans which cost 100$/Month but we offer this feature for free from Jet plan onwards.

Server Upload

Scalable as you grow

Our infrastructure is able to seamlessly increase hardware requirements as and when you need. Moreover, our servers are optimized to handle sudden surges so you wouldn’t have to worry if your post/website got viral on social media!

Choose From Our Various Datacenter Locations


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Sydney, Australia

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Mumbai, India

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San Fransisco

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New York

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Western Europe

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You're Our Priority, Always.

We strive to provide the best customer support to our valuable customers day in, and out backed by our experienced engineers and system admins. 

24hr Service

Priority Support

Along with fastest and safe servers, our goal is to provide the best support to all of our customers. Whenever you need any support, our support team is available to help you out.

Moneyback Guarentee

We're sure you would love our services, however if you have any issues with our services and want a refund, we offer a 14 day moneyback gaurentee for all hosting plans purchased from us.

No Contracts or Fixed Billing Cycles.

We dont want you to fall into the hassle of signing contracts of minimum billing periods. You are free to leave anytime as soon as your billing cycle is over. But please done, we <3 you!

Get Your Managed WordPress Hosting Today!

Most budding bloggers start with Blogspot or any other free blogging platform and then want to move to WordPress because of its amazing features. But a mistake most do is using shared hosting. Are you planning to use shared hosting too? If so, you’re putting the future of your website in big trouble.

Shared hosting accounts slow down your website greatly when you use many plugins. And, in the first place, you liked WordPress just because of the millions of plugins available, right?

 Moreover shared hosting cannot manage high pageviews or a sudden surge of users. Also, did we tell you there’s nothing like unlimited storage? View our superior Managed WordPress hosting features and never worry about hosting ever again.

If you have just started blogging, we recommend you to start with our Rs 350 ($5) /month plan and upgrade to a better one anytime! Did we tell you that you get 2 months FREE when paid yearly!?

You have an amazing product and your marketing team is doing an amazing job. But what’s the point if your Woocommerce store is slow? A delay of every second after 3 seconds makes your potential customers go away from your website. Shared hosting plans with “unlimited storage” are a trap. Woocommerce speed depends greatly on optimization, ram and a lot of other stuff. Do ask our support for more details on it, or simply see our features to make your Woocommerce store reach the next level.

If you just started your eCommerce website, we recommend you to go with the 10$ plan, or  if you have the budget it’s surely better to purchase a better plan which has quite a few better features. Our top plan has a lot of features that can make your eCommerce store literally FLY.

Everyone is online these days. Statistics say that by 2020, 564.5 million users would have internet access. And if you’re business is not online, you are going to loose out on a lot. Starting with a simple 5 page business website is more than enough, as your business grows you can add blog posts, Facebook Pixel to target your website visitors to show ads and a lot more. Moreover, local business searches on Google & other search engines is on it’s peak. You should not miss out on this opportunity.

We recommend you to go with the Rs 480 per month as this would be sufficient for a small website. However you may want to upgrade to better plan in case you have frequent traffic surges.

More Features

Database to Database2

Free Website Migration

Database Upload

99.9% SLA uptime

Server Customer Care

Website Monitoring 24X7


Enterprise Level SSD drives

Optimized Managed Hosting


Redis Cache (Addon)

No, you do not get a free domain with any plan. Also we do not sell domains. It’s good to have your domain managed by a company that specializes in it. You must purchase a domain with a domain registrar such as Google Domains, Namecheap, CloudFlare Registrar, or any other reputable domain registrar.

We have multiple locations, you can request any available location at the time of checkout, we use OVH and AWS cloud services. Server resources will be as per plan type, kindly check our hosting plan details page.

In our managed hosting we will manage everything for you. From daily backups to plugin updation, we will cover everything for you. You just need to provide us your backup file and we will do the rest to make sure your website will stay online 24X7 with blazing fast performance.

Currently, we do not provide free trials. However we do provide 50% off on your first month. Easy refunds are available too. 

We offer a 14 day moneyback guarantee for annual purchases and refunds within 3 days for monthly purchases. 

Wpify managed WordPress hosting is for those who don’t want to be bothered by managing their own hosting account and just want to focus on their productivity worry free. So yes, you this should be the right platform for you! We also provide a combo for web development + WordPress hosting. Please contact us for it

We provide fully managed hosting service, customers do not have to use or operate any control panel or server. Users can directly login into their WordPress admin area and manage their website from there.

We will manage everything for you, you do not have to worry about anything. If you website is hacked we will do malware removal process without any extra charge, we will restore your backup as well since we do take daily backup of your website at remote location on an external server.

No, we do not sell webmail or email hosting services with our managed hosting. If you wish to purchase mail hosting kindly contact us, we do sell webmail/email services as an addon.

Yes, you can use any 3rd party email service for your domain. Please contact us from your client area for setting it up.

Yes we do allow upgrades from your next billing cycle. 

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