How La Chic Pick unlocked their true potential with our services

Running on the WordPress CMS and using WooCommerce as their eCommerce enabler, La Chic Pick had a really messed up, extremely slow and bloated website. Not something unheard of when talking about WordPress websites, right?

If you also run an eCommerce website on WordPress / WooCommerce & are facing performance issues, keep reading…

About La Chic Pick

La chick pick is a fashion brand based out of Toronto, Canada and Delhi, India and provides trendy yet extremely affordable fashion wear for women.

With a massive following on Instagram, La Chic Pick used to get immense traffic on their website.

This, however, started causing a lot of problems…

The problem

La Chick Pick had their website developed by developers who… didn’t do a great job.

Their website was bloated, broken at some parts, had accessibility issues and a lot of other problems including a very poor hosting and no maintenance activity being done on the website.

Poor performance of the website (Checked using GT Metrix)

La Chick Pick was doing something very well though. It was, marketing.

Their marketing was on point. A big customer base, and a much bigger prospect customer base would make their website crash very often because their website couldn’t take the traffic load.

This made a lot of their visitors abandon the website and a big amount of their adspend not getting used to it’s maximum potential.

The Solution

We at Wpify did a complete overhaul of their website in all aspects except for front-end design.

Here’s a list of tasks we performed to fix majority of issues on La Chic Pick’s website.

  • Reduced DNS lookup (The time it takes for a Domain Name Server to receive the request for a domain name’s IP address)
  • Optimized CSS and JS files for better performance (In easy words, optimizing code of the website)
  • Removed all the render-blocking elements (Scripts that block or delay loading of a webpage)
  • Removed unused elements from the individual pages
  • Improved Cart and checkout steps for faster action
Much improved website performance after our intervention

The result

The result on La Chic Pick’s business post the fixes was astonishing. Their revenue increased by more than 143% on the first month after we came into the picture and now continues to grow constantly. La Chic Pic can now scale their advertising campaign’s without the fear of a slow or unresponsive website.

Improved Google Analytics metrics after our intervention

All of our managed hosting & maintenance solutions not only include performance improvements, backups, free SSL & conversion rate optimization, but we also provide 1-on-1 & dedicated support on your preferred mode of communication like WhatsApp, Slack, Teams groups.

Hrithik Kaul
Hrithik Kaul
I'm a final year engineering student and the co-founder of Wpify. I love talking about design, startups and entrepreneurship. My goal is to provide a seamless digital experience for numerous businesses who need tech assistance in taking & growing their businesses online.