Bofrike’s sales skyrocketed by 250% with our quick tech support

On one fine day, you have decided to launch an online advertising campaign for your eCommerce business. You have done all the prechecks before making this campaign live. But as soon as the campaign goes live, you receive a message on WhatsApp from an unknown number that says your website is unavailable. In panic, you tried to check your website, and indeed your website was showing a “504 Gateway Timeout” error.

You immediately initiate chat support with your cloud hosting company, but the current waiting time is 15 minutes, and now your panic level is out of the chart. Finally, you are able to connect with your cloud hosting support team, but they are asking you all sort of questions like what is your account ID, what is your email ID, can you share your website URL, or share the screenshot of the error. 30 minutes go by but the website is still not available and your advertising campaign is still sending traffic to your unavailable website.

After an hour of trouble, you decide to pause your advertising campaign and solve the issue with help of your cloud hosting support. After receiving tons of self-debugging articles from the support team, they finally decide to escalate your concern to higher level support, which is available only via email.

After 3-4 long hours your website being down, it is now finally live. You have now decided to resume your advertising campaign. An hour has passed by and you haven’t noticed any issues at all. You take a deep breath and decide to go out for a stretch.

Sitting on a porch, you decide to check your website as a good measure, but, are welcomed with the same message again.

Now, you do not have the energy to avail support from your cloud hosting company and decide to turn off your advertising campaign and call it a day.

The above story was an experience of our client Bofrike.

Bofrike sells Fast Fashion Tees and hoodies to the Genz audience & run advertising campaigns on Instagram. They have 3,00,000+ monthly visits on their website. Bofrike was using one of the best & very well known cloud hosting provider. But due to frequent issues and long waiting times for technical support, they decided to onboard with us.

After onboarding with us

Within the first week, they had 2 major incidents of downtime which were due to spikes in traffic.

We suggested a better server configuration for Bofrike and asked them to try running ads again for another week. Meanwhile, we were constantly monitoring server resources and website status every second using automated tools. After two weeks of back and forth optimization, and tweaking the server, we finally found the issues and fixed them once and for all.

The Result

Bofrike has been with us for the past 2 years and we manage & maintain their website. In the last 2 years, we have achieved 99.997% uptime for them.

Uptime statistics of Bofrike after availing our services

We provide 24×7 server and website monitoring to all of our customers so they don’t have to worry about any technical issues and website downtime. Moreover, we dont keep our customers waiting to contact us for help. Infact we’re available 1-on-1 on your preferred communication channel such as WhatsApp, Slack & Teams groups.

Hrithik Kaul
Hrithik Kaul
I'm a final year engineering student and the co-founder of Wpify. I love talking about design, startups and entrepreneurship. My goal is to provide a seamless digital experience for numerous businesses who need tech assistance in taking & growing their businesses online.