Website redesign for Alankaara that increased sales by more than 150%

Alankaara is one of our oldest clients. We had first developed their website in 2019 and continue to maintain it since then. In late 2021,’s founder Amrita Giriraj contacted us for a re-design of their website. In this article we’ll talk about the reasons for revamping, and how we revamped their website which resulted in more than 150% increase in revenue for them.

About Alankaara is a Chennai based homegrown brand started in 2014 and offers whimsical jewelry pieces made with real embossed flowers that are preserved in different mediums. They also do not use any form of plastic in their packaging.

Reasons for Redesign

Alankaara’s website prior to the re-design was perfect in terms of functionality and had a decent UI (User Interface) too. Here are the reasons for Alankaara’s team still wanting a re-design of their website.

  • Better User Experience for customers
  • Need of trust factors throughout the website to increase conversions
  • A more up-to-date, modern & catchy looking website

The Process

The entire ideation – implementation journey was broken down into 3 parts namely:

  • Design Thinking & Development
  • Conversion Optimization Strategies
  • Performance Optimization

Design Thinking & Development: Based on Alankaara’s logo, products & brand identity we came up with a simple design scheme which included creating a colour scheme for the website, typography and other ways to make the website look minimal & aesthetic.

We chose the font Italiana for headings which gives the website a very premium look, and Poppins for the body as it provides the best readability to visitors. For the colours, we chose a magenta-purple-ish colour scheme which is close to Alankaara’s logo and their branding scheme on Social Media.

With this design thinking in mind, we commenced the development of the website and started creating various pages for the website.

Conversion Optimization Strategies: One of the main reasons for re-designing their website was to implement features which would help in increasing conversions (sales) on the website.

We did it in the following ways –

Icons on product pages highlighting key features of product / service
Trust badged on the cart and checkout pages which increases users trust on the service
Trending keywords on search page makes it easier for people to find what they would probably like
Split checkout where customers can view and edit cart on the checkout page

Performance Optimization: Any website’s success is very dependent on how fast the website loads. At Wpify, we were keen on improving the speed as much as we could. Developing the website on new tech gave us a upper hand in terms of speed without doing any optimization. However, we went a step further and did some necessary optimization like Gzip compression, Minifying CSS & JS, removing unused code, optimizing images, use CDN (Content Delivery Network) powered by BunnyCDN.

The Result

After weeks of design, development & optimization, and a slight delay in launching the website, Alankaara had an extremely overwhelming launch. On the launch day, we faced some hiccups on the AWS powered hosting as the website got unexpected traffic that the server wasn’t capable of handling. However, we were able to sort that out in a jiffy by scaling the hosting plan.

By the end of the month, Alankaara saw a whopping 304% increase in revenue! This was with the same amount of adspend as the previous months. Their team however did a good amount of promotions of the website launch on the social media profiles.

What Alankaara’s team has to say

The best thing to happen to our company this year was the website Wpify created for us. Our website, prior to Hrithik’s intervention was a mess in terms of design, responsiveness, buggy and a whole host of problems.

But Hrithik’s expertise in his work was beyond seamless, he fixed the problems, designed a whole new user experience for our brand and working with him was an absolute pleasure. 🙂

Amrita giriraj, co-Founder at Alankaara
Hrithik Kaul
Hrithik Kaul
I'm a final year engineering student and the co-founder of Wpify. I love talking about design, startups and entrepreneurship. My goal is to provide a seamless digital experience for numerous businesses who need tech assistance in taking & growing their businesses online.